Functional Medicine – Fully Address The Root Causes

It’s no surprise that each of us are unique individuals and quite often, we find there is no magic cure that can heal every single patient in the exact same way. Enter Functional medicine – a strongly evidence based field of medicine with a systems biology–based approach that addresses the person as a whole and not just an isolated set of symptoms.

Creating a therapeutic relationship between the patient and practitioner

A Functional medicine practitioner, such as our highly experienced Dr Kolesy here at Vitality Solutions, will engage the patient in a therapeutic relationship, spending the time to ask the correct questions and listen to a patient’s history to fully address the root cause of the illness, disease or dysfunction in an evidence based, holistic way rather than prescribing myriads of medication that tend to only treat or supress a symptom.

Patients are often surprised at how different symptoms can affect totally separate parts of the body. One condition or symptom can have many causes, and likewise, one cause can lead to many conditions.

By treating the person as a whole and not just ‘treat the symptom’, functional medicine allows us to really target the root issue and allow the patient to return to optimal health.

We are all genetically unique with different environmental and lifestyle factors and through the increasing awareness of Functional medicine, more and more people are choosing Functional medicine over Conventional medicine.

People are no longer interested in a ‘band aid fix’ but prefer a personalised treatment that has been created specifically for them and they enjoy the empowerment of a having a proactive role in their own health and wellbeing recovery.

A patient-centred focus

Unlike conventional medicine, Functional medicine is not centred on disease and it will not give a diagnosis based purely on symptoms given due the nature of its holistic approach that looks for, and then treats, the underlying cause.

Functional medicine is also a more cost effective option over conventional medicine as it is driven towards prevention and lifestyle changes that will address the underlying cause as opposed to expensive medications that will only supress symptoms, which can become reoccurring or lead to further symptoms.

Conventional medicine also often includes the added expense of being ‘referred’ around by various specialists as they conduct their own tests and prescribe their recommended medications. This acute-care approach from conventional medicine practitioners does not prevent or treat complex, chronic disease nor does it take into account the biochemical individuality or environmental influences of the patient.

Functional medicine prefers to avoid the overuse of pharmaceutical medication and treatment options a patient may receive while in Functional medicine care include diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications or counselling as well as natural supplements. A patient may receive prescribed medication, however it will be alongside the aforementioned and together, the patient and practitioner will holistically manage any side effects.

Functional medicine does not negate conventional medicine.  Conventional medicine has an imperative role in our society. Where Functional medicine reigns superior is, while building on the Conventional medicine’s technological advances, it has the ability to go within the patient and treat the root cause and reverse or prevent disease. As we love to say at Vitality Solutions, it really is personalised medication for optimal health.

Dr Kolesky is highly experienced medical doctor who will assess your case and give you an easy to follow care plan that supports your recovery. If you are interested in Functional medicine or any of our other services, we would love to hear from you and see how we can help.

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