Functional Medicine – Fully Address The Root Causes

It’s no surprise that each of us are unique individuals and quite often, we find there is no magic cure that can heal every single patient in the exact same way. Enter Functional medicine – a strongly evidence based field of medicine with a systems biology–based approach that addresses the person as a whole and […]

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Why choose Integrated Cancer Care?

When going through Cancer treatment, many people often find themselves feeling not in control of the management system – this can lead to feelings of fear, depression and uncertainty. Integrated Cancer Care includes therapeutic interventions in diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress care and nutritional supplements to name a few – that allow the patient to be […]

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Nutritional IV Therapy – Top 4 Benefits and Secrets

What Is Nutritional IV Therapy – Top 4 Exclusive Benefits And Secrets A lot of people lack vitamins and minerals in their bodies, and they struggle to find an accurate solution for it, causing different consequences for the long term. But, have you ever heard about ‘Nutritional IV Therapy’? Nutritional IV Therapy or also known […]

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functional medicine

Is There Real Science Behind Complementary Medicine?

In my view, an important aspect of the human condition is the variety of opinion, the need for opposing views and healthy scepticism. But it is also disturbing when the loudest voice or the greatest critic is seen as the correct opinion, often because the person in question appears well credentialed. This is typically the […]

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PRP Pentosol platelet rich plasma

Vitality Solutions – What We Do

What we do. Vitality Solutions·Saturday, 28 October 2017 Here at Vitality Solutions, we believe that each person is an individual. We personalise our medicine to provide optimal health solutions for you. We are proud to be part of the Surecell Australia group and provide PRP(platelet rich plasma) treatments in our practice of regenerative medicine. Our […]

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hormones vitality solutions


Hormones Have you ever stopped to consider how much of your daily life is determined by hormones?? Did you know that all of your hormones are produced from cholesterol and that they can therefore be influenced by diet, lifestyle, stress, nutrients, drugs and your metabolism? Up until now, you’ve probably only thought of them as […]

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