Revamp PRP Therapy

Urogenital Revitalisation is a new and promising treatment for vaginal atrophy, dyspareunia, loss of libido and urinary incontinence.

An ingenious way to improve women’s’ health after childbirth, menopause or breast cancer. The Women's Revamp Treatment improves the quality of a woman’s sexual intercourse, the strength of her pelvic floor and helps to improve (and sometimes cure) urinary incontinence, without the need for hormonal therapy, laser treatment or surgery.

PRP is injected after local anaesthetic cream has been applied to the target area, so it is not painful.

It can increase blood flow to the clitoris and regenerate the vaginal walls, increasing natural lubrication and sensitivity which improves libido. Revamp PRP can also strengthen the pelvic floor, to improve (and sometimes cure) urinary incontinence without the need for hormonal therapy, laser treatment or surgery.

Revamp PRP is similar to the "O shot".

Articles written about this treatment have been published in the "Tatler", "Cosmopolitan" and "Rebook" magazines.

The Revamp uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) painlessly injected into the wall of the vagina and the surrounding tissues causing restoration of strength and texture to the vagina and vulva as well as the pelvic ligaments supporting the bladder. All these areas can sustain damage during childbirth but will also naturally weaken with the lack of oestrogen which occurs after menopause and also following treatment for breast cancer.

PRP is prepared from your own blood so it is very safe. This is a natural therapy which has been used in many different medical fields over the past few decades and is now being used successfully to treat gynaecological conditions. A small amount of your blood is centrifuged, the plasma is then extracted and placed under a light to activate the growth factors. Local anaesthetic cream is applied. Once the area is numb PRP is injected.

There is no down time following the treatment. Allow an hour for the visit, but the injection time usually takes less than 10 minutes.

After your treatment there is no need to do anything differently. As soon as you leave the clinic you can go back to work, go to the gym, pick the kids up from school or participate in sports.

You will be pleased to know that there is no need to wait before engaging in intercourse - although you might want to wait until the anaesthetic cream wears off.

We recommend 2 to 3 treatments although some women may find one treatment is enough and others may want more than 3. Because PRP is safe there is no limit to how many times you can have a Revamp.